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Frequently asked questions

What is your most requested flavor?

My lemon raspberry swirl cake with raspberry filling is a huge hit!

You have 2 locations on your website. Why?

I live in the Winchester, VA area, but my family lives in the DC area. I visit quite often, so I'm able to do cakes at either location. Rest assured - each location has a Kitchen Aid mixer! One is red and one is blue.

When should I order my cake?

Earlier is better!  To ensure that I do not book up on your event day, I recommend reaching out as soon as possible.  We can place a hold on that day while we discuss your perfect design!

How do you determine your prices?

My starting prices are based on ingredients and the time it takes to bake and do a simple decoration.
Each additional design element adds on cost.  The price of cake is ultimately decided on how long it takes to decorate.

What is a cottage bakery?

A cottage bakery is a bakery that produces its goods from a residential kitchen.

Are cottage bakeries safe?

While a cottage bakery uses a residential kitchen instead of a commerical kitchen, it doesn't mean that they are not safe.
Since I have professional bakery experience, I know how to take care to ensure everything is safe, to limit cross contamination, and to produce yummy treats!

Do you deliver?

I do deliver.  Delivery is $35.00 for within a 10-mile radius, plus an additional $0.35 for each additional mile (don't worry, I'll do the math).

Do you have a store front?

I do not have a store front.  All of my baked goods are made to order.

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